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Wanna Buy a Car? / Auto Cons" 52 pages
  • Things you really should (must) know when buying a car
  • Learn how to buy a car without getting ripped off
  • What You should never do!
  • Top 10 dealership scams
  • How to avoid car refinance scams
  • How much money should I offer the dealer?
  • Negotiation recommendations
  • Heaps more - the above list barely scratches the surface!!!
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"Insider Secrets to Buying a Car With Little or No Credit" 18 pages
  • Helps to you to get & finance the vehicle of your choice
  • This valuable e-Book explains the techniques best used to deal
  • with most auto financing situations
  • Financing options you should be aware of.
  • Learn what to say to the financing companies
  • How to source and approach the best financing companies
  • Powerful ways to get best conditions possible
  • Important Paperwork
  • This practical information will potentially save you money.
"The Whole Truth of Hybrid Cars" 32 pages
  • Answering: Is a Hybrid car for me?
  • Practical and enjoyable to read
  • Answering: What is a hybrid car?
  • Answering: Do they really save fuel/money?
  • Do I have to drive differently?
  • Useful links
  • Future of hybrid cars
  • What to consider
  • This practical information will potentially save you money.
"62 Proven Ways to Beat the Gas Monster" 46 pages
  • How to cut your fuel costs with 25% travelling the same distance.
  • You will be amazed how detailed this book is, covering;
  • What to look out for in your NEXT vehicle
  • Useful links
  • Smart Winter and Winter Driving
  • Gas Saving products
  • Maintenance Tips & recommendations
  • Where and how to buy Gas smarter, including the internet
  • This practical information will save you money.
"How to Save Your Drivers License" 84 pages
  • Legally beat that traffic ticket. Don't say we didn't show you
  • Written by an legal expert for US & UK drivers only
  • This is all legal and above board.
  • Learn what to say & not say to the officer.
  • How to instantly avoid penalties from patrol cars
  • Sample letters to send to the police/courts
  • Product tests of radar detectors etc. to beat the cameras
  • Tools the police have at their disposal
  • Heaps more - the above list barely scratches the surface!!!
"Car Care -Tips & Recommendations
  • Learn how to spot well maintained cars from "clean" ones
  • How to best prepare your car for a sale for most money
  • How to best look after your car investment
  • Packed with handy tips for best practise car care
  • Instructions for tricky problems like car upholstery cleaning 
  • 18 pages of detailed checklists how to best protect your car
  • Some important things to avoid

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